mobilizing biosciences for Africa's development
        kujumuisha sayansi ya bayolojia kwa maendeleo ya Afrika
        mobilisation des sciences biologique pour le developpment de l'Afrique


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Biosciences eastern and central Africa
A member of NEPAD's continent-wide network 
of centres of excellence

NEPAD explicitly recognises that Africa's economic renewal and sustainable development will not be achieved without investment in science and technology. NEPAD is committed to establishing and developing a network of science institutions for the continent.

Prof Wiseman Nkuhlu, Chairperson, New Partnership for Africa's development (NEPAD)

Application of frontier science in sub-Saharan Africa is dismal. The frontiers of science have a critical role to play in relieving hunger and poverty. But we lack the human and physical capacity for its application.

Dr Romano Kiome, Director, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute

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